Jan 10, 2009

Opening The Curtains Of Hope

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WOW, what a fantastic evening! We kicked off the New Year with class, and in our own unique Skinny Gene style. The featured event would be ANNIE, one the great classic musicals of our time. A performance we chose because it inspires HOPE, even in the darkest of times. Little did we know, that while we were working so hard to inspire others, it was our eyes that were ultimately opened in the end.

To understand why this night was so spectacular, let’s rewind and go back to the beginning. It began with a question…

How do we, a new (and financially handicapped:) non-profit organization, introduce our cause to the San Diego community in a way that embodies our overall concept and vision?


Our concept and identity is unique: A new non-profit organization in San Diego that is dedicated to preventing diabetes by helping individuals at risk of developing this disease adopt a healthy lifestyle. In addition to providing the proper tools and resources to fight diabetes, the Skinny Gene Project provides a person with the ability to participate in fun social interactions that reinforce positive lifestyle changes.

Idea: Skinny Gene a classic social experience- Dinner and a Show.

Challenge: Provide a fun and social environment that clearly states who we are, creates awareness about our cause, and embodies our overall concept and vision?

To solve the problem, enter stage left… Red Letter Days (Bek and Mia)- truly an invaluable gift. Their vast understanding of our objectives, attention to detail, and out of the box solutions helped breathe life into the launch of the Skinny Gene Project.


1) Have the food catered by a well-known chef that can create delectable dishes that meet our strict dietary requirements

2) Intermix information about our cause into the frame work of the d├ęcor and distribute prizes for learning about the Skinny Gene Project

3) Create a social environment that focuses on common interests

We were elated when Bek and Mia informed us that they didn’t want to be just a part of the solution, but they’d rather play an integral role in the continued development of the Skinny Gene Project. They donated their time and services, and they utilized their resources to create a memorable night for all of us.


I stood in amazement as our guests were escorted up the stairs to our private reception under the Civic Theatre chandlers. Our guests were eager to learn about who WE are. They shared stories about how diabetes has personally affected their lives, or asked to join our fight to prevent diabetes.

I could clearly see that other people’s desire to support and participate in this cause has always been there. We just needed to provide an opportunity to turn that desire into action.

After seven years of trying to make an impact, it was actually happening! I was finally a part of a movement that would waken our community, and inspire our generation to take part in the reshaping of our community to create a healthier tomorrow.

A BIG THANKS to all the people who attended and participated in bringing our dream to light.

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