Aug 6, 2009

Filling Up Without Adding the Calories

One of the most common complaints when trying to lose weight is feeling hungry all the time. Here are Skinny Gene’s tips or tricks to keep yourself feeling full and your weight on track! Our focus is maximizing the mealtimes and the foods you eat, while minimizing the calories by including fulfilling foods high in fiber. Give a few of these tips are try!


· Try rating your hunger – 1 not too hungry to 5 extremely hungry. Your goal is to never let yourself get to a rating of 5. Keep snacks with you or at work, in the car, etc for unplanned events. Chances are that if you go into a meal extremely hungry you will overeat.

· Enjoy your mealtimes, cut out the distractions (i.e. TV) and savor your food. Enjoy conversation! A mealtime should last 20-30 minutes, so be sure to eat slowly and try setting your fork down between bites.

· Eat the low calorie and high fiber foods first, such as vegetables, salads, beans and fruits. These will help you feel full.

· Wait 15-20 minutes before dishing up 2nd helpings.

· Drink a glass of water prior to meals.

· Watch the alcohol intake; it can lead to uninhibited eating and extra calories.

When Eating Out!

· Substitute vegetables (not fried) for other side items.

· Start with a clear soup or salad.

· Lay off the bread or chips prior to a meal.

· Eat slowly!

· Share a meal with someone or plan on taking at least half of the dish home.

When at Social Outings!

· Load your plate up with high fiber foods, such as raw vegetables and salad. Try small spoonfuls of the other higher calorie foods. Be sure to savor you food!

· Focus on being social at parties. Position yourself out of arm’s reach of appetizers.

· Be sure to bring a healthy dish to the party.

· Make only one trip to the buffet.

· Have a high fiber snack and some water prior to the event so you aren’t starving!

By Emily Barr, MS, RD, CNS

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