Sep 1, 2009

10 Substitutions That Shave 100 lbs

Small changes to your everyday life can help you lose weight or help you prevent further weight gain. Here are Skinny Gene’s top 10 tips to help trim calories as well as your waistline.


Substitute ¼ Cup Egg Substitute (e.g. Egg Beaters) for 1 whole egg; SAVINGS-4 pounds per year

Egg substitute is great for scrambled eggs or to replace eggs in all types of recipes. It provides less total fat and saturated fat.


Substitute 1 Orange for 1 cup of Orange juice; SAVINGS- 5 pounds per year

Replace that morning cup of juice with a fresh orange for an added 5 grams of fiber and better glucose control.


Substitute calorie free spray butter for 1 Tablespoon of butter; SAVINGS- 7 pounds per year

Try spray butter on toast and vegetables. Spray butter has all of the flavor without the fat, reduction in 11 grams fat and 7 grams saturated fat to be precise!


Substitute lean ground turkey for lean ground beef; SAVINGS-7 pounds per year

Try substituting turkey for beef for tacos, meatloaf, and chili, it provides less fat without sacrificing the flavor.


Substitute 1 Tablespoon of avocado for 1 Tablespoon of mayonnaise; SAVINGS-8 pounds per year

Top your sandwich with 2 slices of avocado to provide an essential fatty acid bonus!


Substitute light ranch for regular ranch; SAVINGS-8 pounds per year

Lower the fat without changing the taste. Reduce your intake by serving the dressing on the side and dip fork with each bite.


Substitute 2 Tablespoons of Splenda for 2 Tablespoons of sugar; SAVINGS- 10 pounds per year

Reduce your blood sugar spikes by substituting Splenda for sugar in your coffee, oatmeal, and when baking.


Substitute cooking spray for 1 Tablespoon of oil; SAVINGS- 12 ½ pounds per year

Reduce your fat intake by spraying the pan with cooking spray when sautéing vegetables.


Substitute ½ Cucumber for 1 pita; SAVINGS- 15 pounds per year

Try dipping cucumber in dip such as hummus for a nice crisp fresh crunch and very little calories.


Substitute 1 light English muffin for 1 bagel;- 23 pounds per year

When at restaurants or the grocery store, go for the Light English Muffin. It is higher in fiber, lower in carbohydrates, will keep your blood sugars stable and your waistline trim!

*calculation based on daily intake over course on 1 year

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By Emily Barr, MS, RD, CNSC

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